Concierge Counsel

Sometimes you don't have a specific task for a consultant, but just need some informal advice or coaching from an objective source. I (Nedra) am that trusted advisor that you call on to bounce ideas off, get some insights on how to proceed with your projects, or navigate the world of social marketing.

You will receive timely, unbiased input as you manage your projects at any stage of their life cycles - when you're putting together a proposal, choosing staff and vendors, conducting research, building a strategy, implementing and refining a campaign, evaluating its effectiveness, or seeking long-term sustainability. Our ongoing relationship means that I understand your program and your needs.

You and your team will build skills as we work together so that your own staff can carry out activities like formative research or social media planning. I can assist with troubleshooting when your campaign just doesn't seem to be working.

Need someone to help you choose a creative agency to produce your communications? Need another discerning eye on that project proposal you're submitting? Want to brainstorm some creative ideas together? I'm there for whenever you need my expertise.

Here's how it works:

I only take on a limited number of coaching clients so I can be available to you when you need me. You select the length of time you would like to receive coaching (from three months to one year, with substantial discounts for longer periods).

Within that time period, we will have weekly one-hour phone/Skype sessions you can use as needed. We can speak on a regular schedule, or you can use the calls whenever you have a challenge or decision you would like to discuss. We can set goals for your project at the beginning of our engagement, and work on them over the sessions. Or, we can focus on the burning issues facing you at the time. It's up to you how you would like to use those calls. In addition, I am available by email for questions that come up between calls (within reason!).

Is this right for you?

This arrangement is not the right fit for you if you are looking for more than advice and feedback, if you have a one-time task that needs completion, or if you are looking for formal training (see my other services in those cases). Coaching works best if you want to learn how to apply social marketing to the work you are doing, to build your organization's capacity for the long term.

If you would like to explore whether this arrangement would work for you, what the fees are, and whether I currently have open spots in my coaching program, get in touch via the Contact page and we can set up a phone call.


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