Strategic Services

Whether you are just starting to plan a social marketing project, or have a program in need of a strategic revamp, we will work with you to design a strategy that boosts your social impact.

This is a collaborative process. You are the expert on your issue and your organization. Our role is to look at your program from the outside, ask the right questions, and provide a framework for how to get to the outcomes you want. We'll work together to make sure the strategic direction makes sense and to ensure the implementation of the strategy will be carried out effectively.

Our services include any or all of the following elements, depending upon your program's specific needs:

  • Formative Research - understanding your priority audiences and the environment in which the program will be carried out, through methods like surveys, focus groups, social media analysis and ethnography
  • Strategy Development - clarifying goals and objectives, segmenting the audience and their needs, specifying the social marketing mix (the 8 Ps), crafting program design and messaging
  • Behavior Design - applying behavior science to program design, both in message framing and creating an environment that influences behaviors
  • Social Media Planning - designing a social media approach that fits with your overall program strategy and capacity, getting your accounts set up, and training your staff on social media best practices
  • Transmedia Storytelling - working across media with an entertainment education approach to tell stories about your issue that lead to behavior change (see the Immersive Engagement Model)
  • Evaluation - designing an evaluation plan, setting up metrics and tracking mechanisms, conducting research and providing recommendations

Project Strategy Tune-Up

If you already have a program up and running, but aren't sure if it's optimized for maximum behavior change effectiveness, we can conduct an audit of your project strategy. We'll look under the hood (or bonnet, if you prefer) and give your project a tune-up.

This includes a brief "get to know your project" call, a review of your completed Project Strategy Audit Questionnaire and any strategic documents you can share, and an analysis of your project's communications and design. You will receive a comprehensive document analyzing the components of your project, with specific recommendations for how you can rev up your project's potential for impact. We will review the document together in a phone call and make sure you're clear on the next steps.



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