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Hands-On Social Marketing Trainings

Attend one of our social marketing trainings and you will leave with a comprehensive plan for how to proceed with your program. We offer training workshops on topics ranging from an introduction to social marketing to more advanced topics such as social marketing research and use of cutting-edge marketing technologies. Depending upon your organization's specific needs, we can customize a workshop's length and topics covered.

Nedra Weinreich is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader at conferences of all kinds, and has trained thousands of professionals. She can provide a session of any desired length for your meeting or conference. Training programs can be offered onsite at your location or we can coordinate the training logistics at an offsite facility for you.

Our trainings include:

Social Marketing Fundamentals (half day)
You will learn the main concepts of social marketing and begin applying them to your own program right away. Topics include the social marketing process, audience segmentation and strategy development with the social marketing mix.

Hands-On Social Marketing: Designing Change for Good (full day)
In addition to covering the topics in Social Marketing Fundamentals, you will learn how to use behavior change theory and design principles to create programs that work. You will develop a preliminary strategy for your own program, with feedback provided by the trainer.

Social Marketing University (two days)
Get up-to-speed on social marketing and walk out with a strategy for developing your own social marketing program and the skills to make it happen. You will receive in-depth instruction in all aspects of creating a campaign, from research and strategy development to creating messages and materials.

Transmedia Storytelling for Behavior Change (half day)
The transmedia storytelling approach harnesses the power of immersive narrative to capture your audience's attention through the media they interact with daily, to change the way they think about your issue. Learn how to conceptualize a storyline with engaging characters, along with a multiplatform format that will optimize the likelihood of social change.

Hands-On Social Media Strategy (full day)
This workshop leads you through the process of developing a social media strategy to ensure you select your tools and tactics in a way that makes sense. You will receive hands-on instruction in how to use specific social media tools like blogs, Facebook and Twitter, as well as how to set up a social media monitoring system.

DIY Marketing Research & Evaluation (full day)
Research with your target audience is essential to creating a social marketing campaign that is effective in bringing about behavior change. What research methods should you use? How do you know if you've made a difference? Learn how to do ethnographic research, plan and run focus groups, conduct surveys, pretest your materials and more!



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