Nonprofit organizations
and government agencies want to know: How do we help people adopt behaviors that will make them healthier and happier? How can we create positive social change?

We know what works.
Weinreich Communications goes beyond public service announcements and brochures to innovative methods based on the science of changing behaviors. We persuade individuals to take action for health or social change by understanding their lives and what motivates them. We specialize in social media strategy development, transmedia storytelling and other entertainment education-based approaches.

We understand you.
We are not a slick advertising/PR agency that is just as happy to sell soft drinks as save lives. We come from the world of public health and social issues, applying effective social marketing principles to make a difference. Since 1995, Weinreich Communications has provided social marketing consulting and training to clients across North America and beyond.

We are committed to making CHANGE FOR GOOD.


NEW! Second Edition of Nedra Kline Weinreich's classic book now updated with new chapters and worksheets.

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What is Social Marketing?
Definitions and examples of social marketing. . . more >

Changing the World One Story at a Time
Transmedia storytelling for behavior change. . . more >

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